03 December 2012

Hye monday blues

This is how i spend my monday morning for this sem.. The one and only class that i had to take for my study.. 9am-12pm... Only lecture.. Lecture... Lecture.... -,- "... Hehe while im typing this.. My lecturer usha baikkk punyerr ;p ... *Adik2 jgn ikot akak yer, fokus fokus fokus dalam kelas.. *

Ok nak fokus ... Nak fokus @.@!

01 December 2012

It's december!

Dah 1 disember dahhhh.. Tak lama lagi dah 2013... Tarikh yg best bln ni 12.12.12... Lepas ni xde dahh tarikh mcmni.. Mesti ramai yg berkahwin kan on that day.. Anyway.. Let us spend this last month in 2012 with joy and happiness! K adios;p ... senyum *xperlu kata apa2*

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